I am an educator with a difference, I have never been a qualified teacher. I started working in education over 15 years ago, starting as a volunteer in schools helping with ICT problem-solving. I went on to become a manager of a technical team for an ICT support company, which opened an opportunity for me to lead the ICT within the Northampton Primary Academy Trust as the ICT Development Manager. Over the years of working in education, I was able to build on my skills by helping the way educators use technology in teaching and learning. With the help of the Microsoft education programs, I was able to pursue my career to now being a Senior Consultant for Hable.

I have been a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert since 2015 and it has enabled me to develop as a person in both my working life and personal life. Each year I have been able to share my knowledge and help others by being enrolled in the MIE Trainer program and achieving my Master Trainer status. In the past, I have also enjoyed what was the Surface Expert/Master Trainer program. Within the MIE Trainer program, I have been one of the leading educators with the numbers of people trained.

In my role as a consultant for Hable, it’s my responsibility to always keep myself up to date with the latest and greatest technology and how it can be used and implemented. Something I take a very keen interest in is how technology can help aid teaching and learning outcomes and how I can personally help educators make the most of Office 365 and the tools that Microsoft offer.

I consider my self as an expert in Office 365 products in both usability and the technical ‘how does it work’, which I believe, makes me stand out from the crowd. I have developed my skills to become the ‘go-to person’ for people within the Microsoft community, for both troubleshooting problems and guidance on Microsoft products.