To bring your own device or not?

As featured by Academy Today magazine – This can be found here So, you’ve heard the term bring your own device (BYOD), and you’re thinking about the possibility of introducing it at your school and having students bring in their devices from home. But what does this mean for your school and it’s network? If you […]

Redefine Learn 2017

Back on the 18th May, I had the privilege of being a guest speaker at a Microsoft Redefine Learn event that was hosted by Simon de Senlis Primary. These Redefine Learn events give a chance for educators to showcase how they are redefining learning within their schools. The event included keynote sessions from Ian Fordham, […]

Latest feature in University Business magazine

Well, January is nearing a close and I’ve just had my first article of 2017 featured in a magazine called University Business. This article tells the story of why we should use Office 365 in education. This is my 3rd article to be featured by Wildfire publications and this one was my most enjoyable to write […]

Painting pictures with data

Wouldn’t it be great if you could see your data in an interactive, visual way? Well, Power BI does just that! Power BI enables you to produce reports and analyse your data in real time. It gives you the ability to input data and transform it into visual graphs and charts. Power BI connects a […]

And back to work we go!

Well, today has seen me back at work after a nice two weeks off with the family. It’s given me that time to recharge my batteries and get myself ready for what 2017 has in store for me. I’m hoping that 2017 will be just as successful as 2016, as in the past year I’ve […]

A Quick Update

In just over a month things have taken an exciting turn in my IT career. On the 15th of October I was involved in a Microsoft Redefine Learn event at Simon de Senlis Primary School, which involved me talking about how the school has implemented Office 365 and Windows 10. This was my first time […]