What’s New in Microsoft Teams | June 2020

Microsoft announced what’s new in Microsoft Teams this week, here are my top picks. What’s New: Large gallery view Being able to see all of your colleagues’ faces at the same time makes a big difference in engagement and connection. Coming to preview this month with general availability coming soon, large gallery view expands the Teams grid […]

Learning App in Microsoft Teams

Yesterday, 30th June 2020, Microsoft announced they will be launching a learning app in MS Teams later this year. This is HUGE news for organisations and educational institutions who are looking at the adoption of Microsoft Teams or who want to upskill themselves. The full details of the learning app haven’t been released yet, but […]

Channel Moderation in Microsoft Teams

As some of you may be aware, Microsoft recently announced that channel moderation was coming to Microsoft Teams. Well, guess what… it’s now here! This means you can now specify who you allow to post new messages to channels, giving you the ability to create channels or even whole Teams without the worry of what […]